Friday, December 23, 2011

Is This YOUR “Normal”?

By Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic

To many, being “normal” means getting together with others like them, telling stories, mocking, ridiculing, and showing contempt for others who are not members of their group
those “others” are not getting together with them to tell stories, to mock, to ridicule and to show contempt for those others outside their group...
to infinite splitting and projection.
It makes the “normal” FEEL better about themselves since they can agree; “at least “we” are not like those “others.”

The Cure for Dysfunctional “Normal”
Stop comparing yourself to those “others” to see where you stand and compare yourself, and how you are doing today, to how you were doing yesterday. Life is about self actualization and not about a contest “against” others which you must “win” by defeating “them.” You are confusing a hockey game with self actualization. They don't compare.
The Question:
One of my contacts asked me “if there is no 'them and us' why do we also talk about 'them' when describing what happened to us? Even 'we' do that.”
My own answer remains that “them and us” is an illusion. Yet it is a damned good, firmly entrenched illusion which is SO good it has become a group delusion. The definition of 'delusion” is a fixed false belief. At one time “everybody” just knew that the sun revolved around the earth. That was the consensus reality.
I do not believe that delusional states are abnormal or even unusual in our evolving state of mind.  In fact, I think they are pretty much par for the course at this particular time. In the days of the revolving sun belief,”everybody” knew that was reality just like “everybody” knows that “them and us” is reality now. Those who believed otherwise were in a minority of “weirdos” who were perceived as a very real threat to the consensus reality of the time. Many were attacked tortured and murdered for it. Yet the truth is, and always was, that the earth revolves around the sun- the exact opposite of the previously accepted group consensus.
Now, as then, people are being attacked by groups for speaking the truth. Not a lot has changed. This is the group dynamic of sacrifice and it is a very old psycho-spiritual problem. We create  the “them and us” mentality by living life as if it were a power struggle that some must 'win” at the expense of others. This is limbic brain stuff, regressive and out of our past impulses based on emotion and the fear of death. We do not want to cease to exist yet we are drawn in the direction of our collective fears and often create exactly the kind of situations that we fear as if needing to prove to ourselves how brave we are. If we were not afraid there would be no need for bravery.
I believe we debate our way to consciousness together. One of my psychiatric team members and I talked about that once. Yet I feel I must point out something to all of you. If some of us are not “allowed” to debate the status quo and the “authorities” in charge of defining reality FOR us, won't relate as equals, how will any, and all of us, ever make it all the way to collective consciousness? Maybe you experts don't want to try for it, or believe in it, but many of “us weirdos” do, and we don't want your fear of this current state being “all there is” to stop the attempt to reach for more, just so some of you don't have to admit you are ever wrong about anything.

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