Friday, December 23, 2011

More on O.O.S. and the Effect on Reality

By Patricia Lefave

As you know, O.O.S. stands for the dis-ease I have discovered which I have named Objective Observer Syndrome.
Do you know why Objective Observers cannot really see, hear or understand what is actually going on in concrete reality? It is because they think of themselves as objective observers.
Being an objective observer means one gives oneself a god-like status perceiving reality from a position OUTSIDE of the event. In actuality, the sufferers of O.O.S. are subjective participants lacking self awareness and with that information missing they come to conclusions which are grossly flawed. The lack of self awareness goes WITH a lack of awareness of the reality of theother,for theother,who is operating in what he or she believes is a relationship of equals, can make no sense of the thinking and behaviour of the ones convinced they areobjective observers.
While the delusionalobjective observersdo NOT see themselves, or others, as they actually are, the subjective participants DO see themselves and the other as they actually are, but as they are presumed to beinferiorin understanding and/or worth, are pressured by the group to deny it all, which then leads them also into the objective observers delusional state as a co-dependent relationship. That state could be defined as an agreement that, the Objective Observers KNOW what they are doing. But to the Objects of Observation they are doing it deliberately with intent to do harm for the obviousfunthey are getting from doing so.

This is the psychology of the mutually delusional REVERSAL and the psycho-spiritual enmeshment of the relationships.

Concrete example: Two Objective Observers working for the library stand seven feet away and discuss me with each other like I am not really there:
One says:Apparently she thinks people are talking about her all the time.
Other: Why dotheythink that?

Subjective response from me: Are you two 'people'?  Do you see and hear yourselves right then, as you are discussing me, and what Ithink... objectively speaking?

Ithinkyou are talking about me BECAUSE you are talking about me. That means that I am in touch with reality.
On the other hand, you think you are NOT among the people, who are many, and who are talking about me, as you people are splitting and projecting your OWN lack of awareness onto me, which makes YOU the ones who are NOT in touch with reality.
THAT is what the delusional reversal of the Objective Observers is all about.
It's not rocket science. It is simply the failure to include YOURSELVES in the transaction between human beings. That comes from the need to besuperiorso that you won't have to beinferior.  Relating as equal humans is outside the parameters of your belief system and THAT IS the problem.

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