Thursday, March 15, 2012

Abuse of Selected, Socially Sanctioned Targets

As “Amusing” Entertainment for Groups of “Superior” People
By Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic
At least part, of what causes “Us” to accept that this group behaviour is a “joke” or a “game” that includes us in the “fun” we don't quite understand, is the amused eyes and smirks on the faces of the participants, which often grows into overt laughter, and from there into open mocking, ridicule and contempt. You see, we DO fail to see something about it and the reason we fail to see it is because it is too OBVIOUS to be considered.  We fail to see that the people who observe us with the amused eye-glow and the knowing smirks do NOT know that we can see THEM as they obviously are.[1]

In fact, to most of us it would not even occur to us that such a thing was evn possible for how could ANY adult human being believe that his or her obvious behaviour was “hidden” from a few feet away, as we stood there looking right at them? How?
I'll tell you how. It's the G.O.D. Thing. The “superior being” problem so many mortals have developed as the means of being “better.” Better than those “others.” It's the Group Observer Delusion. (G.O.D.) it causes a grandiosity and arrogance in groups that is quite literally beyond belief. 
It's About Your Distinctions
While a ward clerk, a nurse, or a doctor in a psychiatric hospital may go on and on about their own quest to be ”like Jesus”, and preach constantly to others, including residential patients who are trapped in the situation with them, the residential patient who dares to utter, or even SUGGEST, that s/he is in a situation like the one Jesus was in, or that s/he FEELS like Jesus, must be stopped from saying such things.
For only the ward clerks, nurses or doctors may aspire to be, or claim to be, “like Jesus.” The people defined as patients who say the same things must be silenced. For if the ward clerks, nurses and doctors do not silence the crazy people, the inmates running the asylums will be in danger of perceiving themselves as the SAME as those they currently “Lord” it over. Equality does not make those who secretly feel inadequate, feel any better. Only feeling superior to someone defined as even LESS than they can accomplish that end.
This is a “fix” the normal people really don't want to have to give up.
It may surprise you to hear that I personally find many of those preaching “AT” patients to “accept Jesus” to be far MORE objectionable in their ways than many of those who think they ARE Jesus.

[1]             Now before one of you local verbally abusive idiots walks up near me on the streets to spew your contempt at me by saying something like, she is so stupid she actually believes we don't know she can see us and hear us,” let me qualify that. MOST of the participants don't know and that s how they excuse themselves. But I am not talking about deliberately abusive idiots like YOU dear. I already KNOW that your type abuses with intent and justifies it to yourself by excusing it with ideas like, “you are giving me just what I deserve etc. That is what abusers DO. So your type is not included in the aforementioned paragraph. You are in a class all your own..

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Mark p.s.2 said...

The inmates running the asylums are getting paid for their efforts to keep the "mad" away from the "sane".
If they were not getting paid ( in money), only those that enjoyed playing Jesus would continue to do so.

The "sane" people that pay the jailer don't want to catch "crazy", or be afraid of "crazy" while going home from work, or work to home.