Sunday, March 25, 2012

Total Control via the DSM

by Patricia Lefave, admitted Monophrenic

No one can ever successfully deny that they are “mentally ill” when “denying you are ill” is already written in the DSM as a “symptom” of mental illness “proving” that you are ill, before you ever open your mouth to deny it.
The system feeds itself.
The diagnosticians hold all the concrete power over the diagnosed who have none. The outcome will depend upon individual circumstances and WHO you happen to get as the diagnostician in the crap shoot of mental illness assessment.
When we, who are on the receiving end of the help, express an awareness of the situation, we often get “paranoia” added to the diagnosis.
It is about power and domination, which is, ironically, often the reason we went for help, or got railroaded into getting help, in the first place.
Many of us break down for the FIRST time after we are trapped in the system, because we become aware that no matter WHAT we think, say, feel or do, there is NO WAY OUT. One way or another most of us then “disappear” as the human beings that we actually are, and are “replaced” by a reductionist, diagnostic label with which we are then expected to COMPLY and even be “grateful” to have...if we do not, guess who gets blamed[1] and called defective for it? Go ahead; guess.
So we have been made to “disappear” least, until now, when we have become able to connect together externally also, in concrete reality where we are ONE.
To those of you who are our superiors in your own opinions, and who are having trouble making sense of what I, and others, are saying here, let me remind you that there is a whole lot of awareness reduction medication available for that symptom of yours. Since you are the ones living in such irrational fear, does it not make sense that you are the ones who should be swallowing the tranquilizers? Perhaps we could all benefit from gaining a new point of view.

[1]  Despite the “no one must be blamed illusion so well promoted as a norm.

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