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The Making and Unmaking of A Psychoanalyst

By Jeffrey Mousaieff Masson

With Commentary afterwards by
Patricia Lefave, Labelled, D.D.(P)

The following was Originally Posted in Feb 2006 on my original blog

"And whom Masson, do you think they will believe? You, not even a medical doctor, or me....." 1."

He was threatening me as if we were locked in some political battle. He knew very well that I was telling the truth, yet he was willing to admit to me that he would lie. To save his skin?" 2.

"...A fantasy kept coming at me: one day, at an appointed hour, all the psychiatrists would suddenly look up as if awakening from a bad dream, would take off the white coats that many wore, perhaps to make them feel more like medical doctors, would unlock the wards, embrace their patients and walk away from the hospital, never to return, muttering to themselves that the whole idea had been absurd to begin with. " 3.

"I was fascinated by the fact that in less than one hour a person's life was summed up....What a wild interpretation, I thought......Adversarial comments were not welcome. All objections were merely due to ignorance, or a lack of insight, or finally, to resistance. Legitimate disagreement was impossible. If somebody didn't see it, you made inquiries into their pathology......4.

"For this woman who was being discussed now, her analyst was more than a judge, he was God Almighty...Her truth has been locked in, sealed tight, unalterable forever." 5.

Masson's Training Analyst:
" In the world I play the game and so does everybody who does not want to lose." 6.

"There is no such thing as a benign dictator because the power base for such a dictatorship is created at the expense of the subject. To be meek, abject and obedient is to be robbed of some precious right to equality.....The only thing you can do with an illusion is to shatter it." 7.

"Her privacy was being invaded by this scientific meeting as surely as if we were a gang of voyeurs." 8.

....I think the diagnosis was applied to her because members of the institute learned that she had "rejected" a therapist thereby demonstrating her "inadequate personality." 9.

...."The DSM-IIIR states:
"For a patient to state that a therapist is boring, or uninteresting is a primary sign of what is now called "The Self-defeating Personality Disorder." 10.

"I couldn't help but feel there was something a little bit odd about a practice that seemed to feed off itself in this way."

"What are the consequences of such immense silent suffering? What happens when they cannot tell because they would not be believed, or even if they were, they would be censored or censured? What does this do to some essential trust in the very solidity of the world? '' 12.

They are alone because they know something they cannot share, and they cannot share it through no fault of their own... It is easier to believe oneself crazy, or paranoid, or delusional, or bad than to believe that the whole world could turn a blind eye to one's real history. It is a situation calculated to drive anybody insane. It is possible to survive as the lone nut in a sane world, but not as the lone seer in an insane world." 13.

..."The directors were not asking why or whether there was any truth in my claims, but were simply concerned with appearances." 14.

Cashew Commentary:

1. Other "Yous": A child in relation to the parent?
The following was Originally Posted in Feb 2006 on my original blog

 A tenant in relation to a landlord?
An employee in relation to a boss?
A residential patient, or a companion aid in relation to a practical nurse?
A suspect in relation to a police officer?
This is most often about relationships to people in positions of power, and that power need not be particularly significant. It can be quite petty in fact.

2. I "think" many people involved in my own case have lied, and lied frequently. That may indicate a lack of trust, or it may indicate the presence of awareness and a willingness to accept reality in a way that many "normal" people will not.

3. I share this fantasy in a very similar way.

4. For the system is always right and never wrong.

5. And these days it may only take 10 to fifteen minutes with one of these experts to receive the label which will sum up your life FOR and keep you locked into this group subjective projection forever. Especially now that the system involves entire communities in its hunt for the genetic defectives. This is going on, on a global scale.

6. The ever popular ''playing the game." It's winners or losers for those who must prove their superior understanding and/or worth to those who they know to be "beneath" them.

7. But in the system, one can only be the "good" schizo (or any derivative thereof) if one is a compliant patient.

8. Which is exactly what I have stated as happening to me. But you see, the system protects its own delusions by denying my awareness of those who are promoting it. I only "think" I understand my own experience. I am to be "corrected" by all of those who are certain that they have the higher understanding. They cannot be the "people" I am talking about who are violating my privacy at every turn since they have convinced themselves I know nothing about them and what they do. Therefore the "people" about whom I complain must be “imaginary” people which only “proves” how right they are to "help" me with my unfortunate "paranoid delusions."

9. A very adequate defense of the therapist. It is especially likely when it is the therapist who decides who, has what, "disorder."

10. After all what could be MORE ''self-defeating" than to dare to challenge the diagnostics of the one holding all the power over you? Why it could be seen as downright reckless couldn't it?

11. Or it could be seen as a very smooth running, efficient machine if power and control was at the top of its agenda.

12. It shatters it. It takes away all hope.

13. If we are lucky and pay attention, as we are doing now, we will begin to notice that it IS possible to survive as a member of a GROUP of seers. We are no longer alone when we know we share the same experience with others like us, all over the world.

14. How well I can relate to this one. It is my own experience exactly. Do these concepts sound familiar to many of you who have been labelled? Do you notice that the 'game'' being played and the truth being denied, is the same for those who question, or reject the training in the mental health field as it is for those of us who reject the diagnostics as "patients"?

Most of the people in the mental illness industry who see this, and who believe, or believed, they were, or are, in the mental health profession, quit, or get forced, pressured or manipulated out of it. Then, they may settle into a numbed acceptance of their role, or are threatened with, or actually receive, psychiatric labels themselves for their dissenting opinions, in exactly the same way it is done to many of "us." We "nuts" often "think" we see a conceptual pattern in this which transcends the concrete details. Our belief that we do, is most often defined by those who don't, as a "symptom."

It is our sad collective truth that those who understand best, what is really happening in our lives and their own are also those who are most likely to be silenced and rejected by a system that operates on duplicity as a norm, from behind a cloak of 'secrecy.'

All dysfunctional groups operate this way; families, workplaces, gangs, cults or governments. The concepts behind the various concrete structures are identical and so are all the political intrigues, manipulative ploys and head games, disinformation (formerly known as lies) missing, suppressed or altered information, covert operations and abuses of power.
There is a constant excusing of the duplicitous and a well-supported blaming of those who dare to state their awareness of that duplicity. Duplicity is defended and the recognition of it condemned. This restructuring of "reality," this metaphysical "magic" used to create an alternate "reality" of appearances without substance, a facade of nice manners, and politically correct speech, is about as "helpful" as telling a starving woman that no one will give her any food because she won't stop that awful complaining about being hungry and not having any food. Since she won’t, she is therefore responsible for her own demise and if she doesn't speak up, and ask for help than she deserves what she gets for her failure to speak up.

The dysfunctional system defended and promoted as "normal" feeds itself with its own denial of the blatantly obvious. Many people consider psychiatry to be a cult in itself. As with any cult members, you cannot talk to them using the same words and phrases they have been taught to hear in terms of the alternate reality they have constructed for themselves. All they can hear is what they have been told they should hear, so doing so will only confirm and reinforce the practitioner's beliefs. Not only will they not hear what you say as "real" they will become more certain of their diagnoses and treatment, fully convinced they are your "saviours." It is a strange world indeed in which people who are determined to 'save' everyone from their 'delusions of grandeur' grant themselves God-like power over those 'inferiors' and fail to notice the absurd duplicity of their own beliefs.

Like Masson, I too wait for "the beast with many heads" to wake up, as has been accurately assessed of me by a psychologist supporter/critic, I keep "poking and prodding" the beast. I will continue to do that, along with many others who are doing the same, until it does-even if the wake-up only occurs for me post mortem.

The truth is out there. All of you, who know it, keep telling it to everyone you know and do so as publicly as possible.
Though it is easy to suppress the truth of one who is in isolation, it is impossible to suppress the voices of millions all over the world. Before much longer, I predict the attempt to suppress it will be seen as the ludicrous nonsense it has always been; a convoluted system born out of an insane need to deny an ugly reality by giving it a pretty, plastic, smiling face. The spirit of deceit and disdain which is being supported and enabled everywhere is the cause of all the chaos and confusion in the world. If it is not seen and exposed soon, the failure to do so will bring the whole planet to collapse.

If humanity really wants "survival" the domination freaks are going to have to be dis-empowered. They can't be located "here" or over "there" since they are everywhere and present in every system. They can't be stopped now by locating them in physical space or by a concrete specific identity. It is much too late for that. Nor can they be stopped with reason, silence, or becoming just like them. This will only be stopped by exposing the "game" itself. Those who truly understand the "game" and recognize that it is a self-defeating as well as "other" defeating "game," destroying everyone who is caught inside it, will stop playing it.

What we have in common with the domination types is the desire for personal survival. If they recognize that what they are doing is actually bringing about their own defeat, they will stop doing it, even if it is for purely selfish reasons. It is going to be necessary to shock them out of that trance they are in which they deny. The only way to do that is by pointing out the perfectly obvious, over and over again, until it penetrates their self-deluded groupthink type minds.

The denial of reality is built right into the mental "illness" system. Until or unless, those supporting and enabling it face reality and stop doing that, many of the most mentally healthy in our societies, those most awake, will continue to be defined as the mentally ill. The whole system, based upon a false premise, is backwards. Being caught within it is truly like a surreal trip through the looking glass into a psychiatric Wonderland.

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