Thursday, June 07, 2012

Reality Reversal

Simple Changes Can Cause Huge Effects
By Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic

These effects can be either for bettor worse so it is important that we all understand that.
Attention people labelled “schizophrenic” of some version thereof.
When you have a relationship of any kind with some person who deludes him/herself that s/he is your “superior” in understanding and/or awareness, when, in fact, YOU understand and are MORE aware than the other, it creates confusion and chaos between you. Such people as this “superior” one described above actually believe that you will see, hear and understand ONLY what s/he intends you to and that belief is THEIR self delusion. Such people of course are not usually in any kind of emotional distress because their delusional state makes it unnecessary. They are sure they are right and that certainty keeps all distress at bay. THEIR distress shows up only if their delusional beliefs get threatened. This is ironically WHY many of us get targeted by them in the first place.
Having established in their own minds their superiority to you, they then feel free to act out right in front of you and often convince others to join in, seeing you as inherently inferior and therefore a good target for the “fun” they can enjoy together by mocking and ridiculing you. This is a form of warped “bonding” of the dysfunctional group variety. 
The idiots who do this do not understand that we see BOTH who they are pretending to be as well as who they actually are. They believe their true selves to be “hidden” from us since they consider themselves to be so much MORE aware than us.  What they are actually doing is splitting their own awareness but THEY (not us) are in denial about it and about their own errors.
While you may have a problem “making sense of things” (which don't make any sense) the deluded other has NO problem at all making sense of the senseless. That delusional reversal in the other is the STARTING point of the problem between the two of you and one that grows into a problem with a whole group which becomes involved. The group, ALSO looking for reason where there is no reason is led to conclude that since it would make no sense for the other to attack you for no reason, YOU must be the one lacking reason for THINKING it is happening.
All human beings look for reason or LOGIC in what is happening and it is that capacity in others which people with hidden agendas of domination use to gain control over the people who threaten their superiority with any revelation about what they are doing. They NEED to feel superior. Being equal to others is not even an option in their way of viewing the world.

We can't make sense of our experiences with them because “sense” has nothing to do with it. Unless we become delusional WITH them, or else understand that their thinking is the problem, we never could make sense of the experience.
Still, if we see and understand the whole thing, then, we can make a NEW kind of sense of it by knowing that it was all senseless right from the start.

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