Friday, July 20, 2012


That is a new profession I am feeling as a psychic possibility, given the way things are going now. This will be an amalgam of police and doctors- Coptors. The same  person who labels you, in ten cost effective minutes, can instantly slap the cuffs on you if you don't swallow the tranquilizers. These ones will even be able to enter your home legally, instead of covertly, like some of them do now, offer you the chance to comply with their wishes, and if you don't s/he can taser you, cuff you and inject you, all in one cost effective visit.
I can see it all now in the near future...have you been crying and miserable for more than the DSM defined, “norm” of two weeks, after your mate, or your child died? Are you depressing the hell out of those who need to listen to you or look at you? Well, we can't have that now can we?
The new Grief Police are here to see to it that you get the treatment it has been decided for you, that you need, to make you stop that crying and complaining about your (imaginary?) losses. Plus, even if you don't want to swallow mood altering drugs and think, “erroneously” of course, that you can get through this naturally, in the course of time, the Coptors of the near future will help you to make the correct decision to swallow the substances that will make that big old frown just turn upside down, and when it does, then you will come to realize that you just had no insight into your own condition and you may even become a spokesperson for the Grief Police letting the public know that grief and sadness are unnecessary emotions of the past.
Once we all feel good, no matter what is actually happening, the possibilities for what we will be able to do, with no troubling emotions to get in the way, will be limitless. Some people think that is good news. Others read something into that which they, in their “paranoia”, see as quite frightening and dangerous to humanity as a whole. Perhaps we should include a new disease in the DSM called “Unlimited Possibilities Syndrome.” [1]

[1]  Getting carried away not to be confused with the people who do the carrying. UPS

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