Friday, July 20, 2012

Inappropriate Affects

By Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic

The dysfunctional Normal People who “test” me to see how I will react do not consider the fact that I am AWARE of their little “tests” or that my reactions to their little tests, need to have my AWARENESS of the testers INCLUDED in the evaluations of their test results.
How do the test outcome studies change when the researcher is made aware that the lab rat understands what the researcher is trying to force the lab rat to do, in the behaviourist experiment, designed to control the rat?
What if the rat knows the researcher is trying to control him?
Does the researcher, with no respect for the lab rat as a living entity, expect the rat to respect him?
Are the researcher's expectations realistic in such a case as that?
Is this rat he has trapped in a maze, or who is being shocked into some desired behaviour just to get food to survive, really just learning something like ''how to get food'' or is the lab rat just learning how to keep something even WORSE from happening to him by humouring the researcher who totally controls him?
Is the lab right perhaps just operating in basic survival mode on an instinctive level?
What does that prove, if anything, about both the lab rat AND the researcher?
Let’s think about that a bit shall we?

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