Monday, July 30, 2012

Trained and Internalized

Deafness and Blindness in Real Life
By Patricia Lefave, monophrenic
There is a patient I know who still claims that she was harmed by others[1], others who lied about what they did to her, who trivialized it, and then, when she broke decades ago, took her with their mystified attitudes, to see a psychiatrist. That psychiatrist chose just the appropriate label to get her under control and of course, to help her family to deal with her. Without benefit of trial, or legal counsel[2] or the right to plead, or even the right to try to prove her own case, she was then imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital for life, for her own good of course.
As she now approaches her own end, she still tries occasionally to convince people that what she “claimed” happened to her all those many years ago, was, in fact, the truth. Those she tells don't hear her, they do not accept it at face value, they humour her, they “correct” her, they treat her like a naughty child, as the system has taught them to do, and they try not to encourage her in her delusional belief that she has been harmed by “others.” Often they comment, sometimes right near her, that “they” sure like to whine and complain, imagining that they have been harmed and that “they” just won't accept that they are sick and only “think” they have been harmed. (Because of their bad brains)
The patient has been incarcerated for decades, most of her life in fact, for thinking that she has been harmed by others and for whining about it.
She has been incarcerated for decades.
She has been incarcerated for DECADES.
This fact is seen as irrelevant by her benevolent jailers who remain very certain that no harm has ever been done to this woman. That is because of the definitions used to identify “harm.” Her lifelong incarceration is not harm; it is “help.”
The journey down this endless road of life can begin in ten to fifteen cost effective minutes and once the trip has begun it is usually a one way ticket to a destination that has been chosen FOR the traveller and not BY the traveller.
There is no “them.”'
There is no “us.”
This is an illusion.
 A delusion is an illusion that has become a fixed belief in something, despite any evidence to the contrary, which has become entrenched in the human psyche, such as the belief that it really does no harm to lock people up for life, against their wills, with no hope of escape, for complaining that someone, or a group of people, who seem really “nice” to others, has harmed one.
It is about beliefs.
It's about blamelessness.
It's about promoting a fantasy world that looks and sounds nice and allows most of us to avert our eyes from the ugly truth about who we really are while blaming those who try to make us look at what we would rather not see...

[1]   Besides me I mean...someone still in the escape proof trap
[2]   Such rights you see disappear with the labelling process.

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Mark p.s.2 said...

Truth or lies , why would anyone else care? They get paid money (to care)?