Friday, August 17, 2012

Circling the Truth- Forever

By Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic
But don't TOUCH it!
It will sting you if you do! The tautological argument is used routinely by dysfunctional people of all types to maintain their position no matter how much evidence there is that they are wrong about anything.
The arguments used “prove” they are “right” because they circle back on themselves to do so. In fact, evidence, proof to the contrary is avoided like contact with the plague. If you suggest that this is true to an expert tautologist, you will be told they are not avoiding anything, that there was no plague and that you are only “claiming” that a plague even existed because you want to discredit the tautologist. You will then be told the reason you want to discredit the tautologist is because you really KNOW the tautologist is smarter and better looking than YOU and THAT is why you are claiming there was a plague. It is because you are just jealous and you WANT to believe that you know something the tautologist doesn't know. Needing to believe you know something the tautologist doesn't know comes right from your character flaw- grandiosity.
Oh you “claim” to have evidence that a plague exists but the tautologist knows that you probably just made that up yourself because you are so arrogant and manipulative.  That is why the tautologist is not even going to LOOK at your so called evidence or listen to another word from you about all of this plague nonsense. The tautologist is certainly not going to encourage an arrogant, manipulative, attention seeking, story fabricator like YOU in your sick thinking just because your jealousy compels you to think in that way. The tautologist will just ignore you and your so-called “evidence” and eventually you will give up trying to tell him anything as soon as you see that it is not going to work no matter WHAT you say or do! He is not going to believe you anyway so you may as well give up. If you DO give up, then that proves you were not really sincere in the first place and the tautologist was right.
The tautologist has now proved his superior understanding and/or worth to himself.
There was no plague. It was just a fabrication created by those who are so jealous of tautologists being right all the time that they want to make tautologists LOOK bad to others.
You cannot deal with the results of the plague or even discuss the plague with the tautologist because the tautologist knows there is NO PLAGUE and the subject will be avoided like the plague, had their been one, which there was not.

Game over: we can't make sense of the content of the tautology itself but we CAN make sense of the reason the tautology is being used by the tautologist. The reason is that the tautologist is going to maintain his position as  “right” no matter what anyone says, does or tries to prove to the contrary, especially when it's YOU.
It's defensive; not rational. So trying to make sense of the senseless is a waste of time. The only thing you can do to have any hope of changing the outcome is to expose the whole tautology itself and make it visible to everyone. A mystery see and heard, is a mystery which is no longer mysterious.

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