Saturday, September 01, 2012

Reality as an Abstraction

By Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic

If you perceive reality as an abstract concept, in absolute terms such as
Parents never abuse their children”
Priest aren't child molesters”
Men are smarter than women”
Doctors don't lie”
Cops can't be thieves”
Teachers don't mock people”...etc.
Then one of two things must occur after that if you are confronted with evidence[1] of a molesting priest, an abusive parent, a woman smarter than a man, a lying doctor, a stealing cop or a mocking teacher.
You will either have to give up your neat way of seeing and understanding life and all in it as abstract truth, in absolute terms
you will have to deny evidence[2] of reality, ignore it all, and dream up some alternate explanations which will allow you hold onto the beliefs that make you feel safe, comfortable and certain that you already understand the world and that anyone who dares to challenge your world view is just stupid or crazy.
Now dysfunctional people, more often than not, choose the latter, so you will be quite popular with them if you go that route. This is how the reality Splitters were born and how they have maintained the tradition. Those who point it out must be invalidated and silenced to preserve the dysfunctional status quo.

Now, the other choice for defining reality is this one;
It is called the “Some” Reality
In this dimension of being, (which is the one that I am from) SOME parents abuse their children.(not all of them or none of them)
SOME priests molest children. (not all of them or none of them)
SOME men are smarter than SOME women.
SOME doctors lie.
SOME cops are thieves.
SOME teachers really enjoy mocking others.
 (not all of them or none of them)
In ALL of the above examples, those who do this, do so to varying degrees.
Dysfunctional thinking is supported, enabled and maintained by the “everybody/nobody, everything/nothing” Splitter style of belief. THAT'S the fantasy world. The world in which it is possible to think that one has been harmed by “others” is the REAL world which the dysfunctional deny exists because it does not look and sound good, and so the dysfunctional facade of looking and sounding good was created like a “veil” thrown over a the head of the Medusa. In reality she is still under that veil with a head full of writhing snakes. It’s just that she focuses on fashion as her priority because she knows that most of those around her will like her for that.
To think that truth for all exists in absolute terms and that it can be identified by bank balances, job titles, status, fashion sense, education, colour, religion etc. Is the fantasy world, created out of the fear of not knowing what could happen, and the fear of not being able to control external reality and other people. Ironically, absolute certainty and creating the right to control “inferiors” as a form of “protection” from adverse events is CAUSING adverse events to occur with chaos and confusion reigning in external reality, with the source of it going unseen and unchallenged most of the time because, “parents don't harm their own children, doctors don't lie, teachers don't infinite denial.
So, the first step in reality avoidance and the preservation of the status quo is to reduce the other to “less than.” The “superior” to “inferior” mindset justifies the abuse no matter the “reason” or the excuse for it. This is a universal first step; “you are my inferior, therefore....: I need not see you as equal to me and that makes it “different” for me when I do this to you although if you did the same thing to me I would be outraged; but then I “deserve” to be outraged if an “inferior” did this to me, her “superior.”
The second step of course is to switch positions with the victim so that the assessor can get support and sympathy for having to tolerate such a “person” as this inferior one, which of course suits the aggressor just fine. The aggressor becomes the victim so that the third parties involved will choose the enabler/supporter role.
On the few occasions that parents, doctors and teachers etc. get caught in their act, by evidence, virtually everyone is just SHOCKED! For how could it be true that those with such high status in society could do such a thing when we are all trained to believe it is just not POSSIBLE!?
I repeat:
There is NO abstract truth for all to be found in concrete experience so STOP promoting the idea as “reality.”

[1]   Please note that evidence and gossip are not the same thing
[2]   Denying the evidence of reality is called being “delusional” is it not? So if a psychiatrist removed evidence handed to him what is that exactly? Perhaps Ed P could answer that one for us.

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