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Dysfunctional Relating is a Form of Group Insanity

By Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic

How bad it gets depends upon the particular group with the worst case scenario being an end point of murder/suicide/ genocide.

The point the dysfunctional normal never seem to get is that THEY are the “people”(strangers)  doing all the talking about people they most often don't actually KNOW at ALL; people who “think” people are talking about them, and that the OBVIOUS behaviour and contempt coming from these “people” who are doing all the talking is completely DENIED TO EXIST.

The bitch standing at the cash register of the drug store, two feet away, can't be saying things like “Is SHE trying to be nice to you?” to the other cashier standing there, as it would not be “reasonable,” according to psychiatry for the bitch at the cash register who is standing there SAYING that to be doing so. I AGREE. It is not reasonable. But the fact that it is not reasonable does not “prove” that the bitch standing at the cash register two feet away is not doing that. It just proves that the bitch standing at the cash register is a bitch, and that the bitch is justifying herself by blaming the perceptions/reactions of her target.. Most of the time of course, the cash register bitches only direct that kind of contempt at socially sanctioned targets. If a psychiatrist is the one going through the check out, the bitch is all sweetness and friendly smiles because the psychiatrist is not an officially socially sanctioned target for the expression of unrestrained, bitch behaviour.

The chronic talkers and evaluators ask EACH OTHER, “what’s the big deal? Why can't “they” ever get over anything?[1]

“They,” who are making the big deal out of it, have had the right to the control of their own minds and lives taken away from them because “they” have been told that you who ask the question and show your contempt for “them”, do NOT do what you do as it would not be reasonable for you to act the way you do! Are you getting the self serving tautology there OK? “They” are trapped by your DENIAL and your self serving reality Splitting. There is no “they” which represent a group of defectives. “They” are you and often “they” are often in BETTER psycho-spiritual shape than those who are so contemptuous of “them.”

So we are all right on a certain level of it: the whole experience DOESN'T make any sense.  But for as long as the observation of senselessness does NOT ever get applied to the bitch standing at the cash register,  and ONLY gets applied to the one on the receiving end of it, target who “claims” it exists, the real problem won't be identified for what it is, or ever get resolved. That of course, is just how the cash register bitches of the world want it because that supports and enables them and costs THEM nothing. It is a great form of emotional catharsis that gets social approval. It is also known as scapegoating except that this kind does not get identified as such. How it gets defined is more like this: the targets of the group behaviour get told they are living in a fantasy world, believing that they are being talked about and harmed by others and that people they don't even know, are doing that, and their beliefs are just paranoia and not reality based at all.

In reality the whole GROUP involving itself has CREATED a fantasy world ABOUT the targets because the group members believe that they are not seen, heard or understood by these inferiors whom they, in fact, don't really know  and that the group's beliefs about these inferiors are justified and that the fantasy world they made up themselves IS reality. This is paradox, created and defined by group consensus and supported by an authority that is in denial about the whole phenomenon.


Messages off the T.V. From the Collective Unconscious

The Observers caught up to Peter[2] who discovered, to his horror, that the Observers have manipulated the police in this future time, to co-operate with them in rounding up those who try to keep the Observers from invading their minds.

From the series Fringe



People in this group, often seen as “normal,” routinely delude themselves that the people they see as their inferiors do not really know the Splitters are talking about them from four feet away. Further, they also delude themselves that their destructive gossiping and “story” telling cannot really have a negative impact on the lives and minds of those they are using as their “subject” or, if it does, it is just what the subject “deserves” anyway. The word itself and all the attitudes that accompany it, is reductionist in nature. They have to be to sustain the illusion/delusion of those seeing themselves as “observers” of lesser beings.

So when their subject's mind, life, reputation, income etc, is destroyed by group action, the Splitters make sure they see no connection at all to themselves and to what they do. Instead, they view the “subject's” deteriorating life as “proof” that the subject IS indeed their inferior, and that they are truly objective observers of lesser beings, and are those who are just telling it like it is.

Magical thinking.


The Coup de Gras that Seals the Deal

...and Often our Permanent Fate as Genetic Defectives

Once the “defective” one is broken under pressure, the entire experience with the “others” who can never be blamed, is denied to have ever existed at all. How then does the authority doing the assessing of the situation get rid of that, annoying, ongoing reporting of it done by the defective one?

Why, by using the “Explain Away.”

The victim, who only “thinks” she's a victim, or who is only saying she is a victim, says that BECAUSE she has a mental illness that causes her to actually BELIEVE she has been harmed by others, or perhaps a mental illness that is more like a  “character disorder” which causes he to “claim” she has been harmed by others, which she “claims” just for the sake of “seeking attention.”

Because really now, why would those really nice, outgoing Doublers, those everyone likes, want to DO such a thing when they would have no reason to do so, which of course, in itself, “proves” they did not do anything, since the whole world is operating on logic, or “reason.” This often also “proves” that a group assault on an individual , an assault which never really existed of course, was justified!

Now THAT is what I call magical thinking.

Are you actually FROM this planet?


The mental illness system seems to be focused mainly on the idea that no one should ever be blamed for anything and that we are all at the mercy of our own, or someone else's, bad biology, and all helpless to do anything about it or to change our own minds.  To further promote this construct, we most often end up in a collective state in which abusers/aggressors are seen as blameless because their bad brains made them do it AND those who complain of being on the receiving end of abuse can't really be blamed either as they too have bad brains that cause them to “think” they have been targeted, and harmed by “others” when “really” they haven't been.

MOST of the time these diagnoses are arrived at in the first ten to fifteen, cost effective minutes after your first sit down in a psychiatrist’s office and there is no interest shown in finding out concretely if what the individual says is actually true or not, especially if a group of people get consulted who think they know best.

This to me, is akin to detectives having a working theory, which is necessary to start to “detect” truth, but then not bothering to investigate at all, or to find any evidence one way, or the other,  since it is too costly to investigate, and instead, doing everything possible to make the suspect “fit” into the theory so you don't have to see any evidence that the theory is wrong. After all, if wrong, you might have to give it up and start over. Besides, how would the detective LOOK to the public if s/he had to admit s/he was wrong about something? To avoid that then, we send innocent people directly to jail or perhaps a mental institution, while allowing the real criminal who did the crime to stay unidentified and free to do it again with impunity.

Sometimes what first appears to be “cost effective” turns out to be very costly indeed, to everyone involved especially to those who are blamed BY others for “blaming others,” as an abstraction, in absolute terms except of course, when the others doing the blaming of the individual do it; then, it's different.[3]


[1]    Ironically, this query often comes from those who are swallowing mood altering drugs for years on end as they just can't cope with people who are making a big deal out of their own experiences....????
[2]        he is the nexus person connecting two different dimensions. He is the only one who does not have a mirror image of himself living in the other dimension.
[3]    Doubling, splitting, projecting, denying

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