Sunday, November 18, 2012

World Changing Minds

How would the world change if each person though of him or herself as an equal Bit of consciousness in a Universal Consciousness around a Nucleus of Meta-Consciousness that, at it's centre, never changed; each Bit with it's own information that contributed to the information of the Whole?...Each Bit unique to itself, as well as, an equal part of the Collective whole.
(not enmeshed like “the Borg” with no personal identities but intimate like with True Love, with unique personal identities stable boundaries, which each individual Bit of conscious Spirit respected and honoured in self AND others.)
What if we all aimed for that? What would happen?

I just found this book at my local library. It reminds me of what I actually DID when altered, as an attempt to change the phenomenon in which I was trapped and from which at the time, I could see no way out.
It is called, The Intention Experiment   by Lynne McTaggart
She also wrote “The Field” which is about the idea that all of us, and everything else is connected at a quantum level and that information is passed along in a way that is beyond known physics.
It is related to Quantum Theory and it suggest from a scientific point of view that we are all quite literally connected in terms of energy identified as “light.” Princeton, MIT and Stanford are all involved in it.
Above is the website if you want to read a bit. They will not let you in easily though. Still... it is something to think about that might change the feelings of hopelessness and helplessness that many who have been broken, especially by systemic dysfunction, are prone to having.
As far as the “You must forgive your abuser thing goes....I would like to see the world focused on a bigger suggestion directed AT the abuser/ bully/aggressor and the suggestion to be, YOU must stop the abuse and show some contrition for what you have done. You must stop telling your victims that the fault is in them for not “forgiving” you, especially when you do not admit there is anything wrong with the abuse and even WORSE when you completely deny that it exists and then expect your victim to pay for your denial with losses to his or her life, mind, well being and respect from others. If anyone has “unrealistic expectations” it is the aggressor that pretends nothing has happened and then expects the victim to “overlook” the whole thing.... so maybe, if many of us stop co-operating with the abuse status quo we just might put a stop to it and save a whole lot of children from having to suffer through, what many of us here, have been forced to suffer though in silence, all so that the dysfunctional rule of not blaming “others” does not have to be seen for the self serving rule of aggressors that it is. WHICH “others”, when, for what, under what SPECIFIC circumstances? Platitudes are used like trance induction and they are not going to help us..but facing our own reality and insisting that others stop HIDING from the truth they don't like, just might.

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