Monday, December 24, 2012

Another Victim Shames “The Family”

News from India-December 23rd, 2012

...Where a rape takes place every twenty minutes
A twenty three year old woman was just beaten and gang raped by six men while riding on a bus.
One of the angry men speaking out against this act and supposedly talking about “women's rights” included as part of his explanation for this event, the inability of “these young men, especially from the north, to find wives for themselves.”
Yep! You heard me.
The man defending the rape victim equated a gang rape and beating to the problem of being single and unable to find WIVES.
So let's say it again, shall we?
RAPE, including GANG rape, and beatings is NOT about love or sex.
It is about violence, power and control.
Women are STILL being told that if they talk about their trauma, doing so will “bring shame on the family.”

THE VICTIM'S family! NOT the Aggressor's "family" nor the Aggressor!
Can you HEAR that all right?
There is another term for this. It is called ENABLING.

Enabling the AGGRESSOR and BLAMING the VICTIM.
Could we maybe just grow the hell up and face reality, soon?

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