Sunday, December 30, 2012

The REAL Problem

By Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic

The real problem is the denial of the existence of the real problem, which is reported by those on the receiving end[1] of the GROUP phenomenon.  The group phenomenon results from the splitting, of reality itself, into two supposedly ''separate'' states, or ''universes,'' since they are both designed as infinite states or loops. This splitting is used to maintain the splitters' delusional belief that they are ''superior'' and therefore not ''really'' seen, heard or understood by those defined BY them as their  ''inferiors.''
When the ''inferiors'' state that they see, hear and understand the splitters as they obviously are, the splitters deny the reality of their own behaviour and then create an alternate ''explanation'' for the perception of it, and reaction to it, of those they NEED to perceive as ''less than'' in order to maintain their OWN delusional group state. This ''working'' dysfunctional state is achieved through a form of hypnotic induction and programming which includes the denial of the programming that creates it. This denial, built into the programming, makes it almost impossible to hear...almost but not quite.
Some of us DO see it and hear it as, for some reason, it does not ''take'' as easily for us as for most, perhaps because we tend to question more about life than most people do. In any case, the fact that we do see it and hear it is probably why we are the ones who are most likely to get targeted, attacked and invalidated by the dysfunctional pack.
The real problem for many individuals is the group which treats them like genetic “defectives” because someone in “authority” defines the individual that way.

Question for the Mental Illness System Promoters
Many of you like to say to (or about) us whom you cast in the role of patient (less than)  ''there is no reality; only perception.''
My question is:
Do you include your own perception of reality in that abstract, absolute statement or do you perceive yourselves as ''outside'' your own judgements, (splitting) which you reserve the right to impose upon inferior ''others.'' If you include yourselves, then your perception of me and others is not reality, since, according to you, there is no reality. That being the case, how do you then justify the imposition of your perception problem, and your will, on those who don't want it?
There is one more thing I would like to point out to the public on this one:
The same people who are reducing all of this to physicality (disease as cause) are ALSO claiming that there is NO physical reality in this at all. (metaphysics- apart from any concrete detail as produced BY them for the DSM as abstractions) that means they contradict themselves (splitting) and the MAJORITY of people, themselves included, don't even notice it.
This is how powerful the programming of our entrenched dysfunctional relating has become. It is accepted WITHOUT QUESTION.
Some of us however, DO notice and we say so. Of course, when we do, we must be silenced or the ''game'' will be ruined and the ''power over'' model of the control system itself will be in great jeopardy; especially if equality is ''allowed'' to assert itself. For if equality asserts itself as a normal and sane state, then a model for a system which separates human beings into those who are rightfully in control and those who are rightfully controlled by others, based on abstract definitions, apart from concrete details or evidence, would seem irrational-wouldn't it?

Of course as these same wise people tell us, if you are really crazy, you don't know it.
So I will ask those of you controlling the perception of my reality once again...are YOU crazy? What’s your best educated answer?

[1]    Those ''at effect'' (powerless) of those who are ''at cause'' (powerful)

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