Sunday, December 30, 2012

What Does “Turn the Other Cheek” Actually Mean?

By Patricia Lefave

A lot of people think that means that we should pretend we don't care if we are abused by others or that we should just ignore it. It doesn't.
That idea as defined above is the dysfunctional “interpretation” of “turn the other cheek.”
What it REALLY means is don't slap the other one in the face in return for being slapped by him. Instead we give them the verbal “slap-down” by SAYING,
Why don't you just go ahead and keep right on slandering me as the means of justifying your behaviour[1] and by all means, show the whole world the payoff bullies like you are giving yourselves by doing what you do. Then show us ALL how you avoid all accountability for it by blaming your victim’s perception of what you do and the victim’s reactions to it, and by engaging in that position switch you all seem to know and love so much.
See, “turn the other cheek” means SAYING, “why don’t you, who like to slap me down, get even MORE satisfaction for yourself by hitting me from the other side as well?”
In this way we neither accept our fate as unresolvable, as we are often told that we “realistically” MUST, NOR do we chose to act just like the bully.
If we do not deal differently with all the bullies and power mad controllers, we are left with that choice of being victimized and helpless, OR, identifying with the aggressor and becoming what we hate.
NEITHER of those choices are acceptable to me so, as my own nurse/bully might put it himself, from right out of his own so called “training”- get OFF your ACT!
and start to act differently.

The rift in space time: a very short distance which in reality is a HUGE gap.

[1]    Including GROUP behaviour

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