Sunday, December 30, 2012

Delusional “Testers”

By Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic

The testers like to test those they first define as their inferiors, in understanding and/or worth to see what kind a response or reaction they can get.
Since the testers have cast themselves in the role of superior mind, they “interpret” any reaction in relation to their beliefs about themselves. So, if we ask a tester, Why are you doing this (meaning testing me) they don't usually understand the question they are being asked, since one of the main reasons FOR the test is to prove their superiority to themselves.
This delusion starts in the tester but that is rarely seen, or even suspected, by those who JOIN the tester in the “fun” s/he is having giving those little tests. The reason others join in though is because they all just KNOW it would not be reasonable for a tester to abuse someone for the “fun” of doing it, or just so that the tester can convince him/herself that s/he is a superior human being, for being an abusive, self deluded idiot. This understanding you see, is how the “winners” in the “game” of life move up in superior circles to dizzying heights.
When we see them for what they are and our jaws drop with incredulity, they “interpret” that our jaws are dropping because we are too feeble minded to understand what they are doing. On a certain level that is (or was) true. We DON'T (or didn't) understand. Actually, it was more that we did not understand WHY they were doing what they were doing, but now, we do understand why they were doing it. It is because the self deluded testers are too feeble minded themselves to recognize that their testing bit is idiotic and so is their interpretation of the test results.
Zen Question
How much time do you spend mocking and ridiculing from a few feet away, people you don't actually know, who have been diagnosed as mentally ill because they “claim” that people they don't actually know are mocking and ridiculing them from a few feet away?
How and when will we all stop denying that reality is, what it is, and recognize that we are creating it this way, so that we can finally stop offering up human “sacrifices” as the means of maintaining group dysfunction as a “norm”?
When two people are relating to each other with one person relating as equals and the other one relating as either a superior to an inferior, or an inferior to a superior, there is no real communication taking place between them. Both may be using the same words but the words won't mean the same thing to both of them as communication is partly about context, partly emotion, and partly levels of meaning.
I really don't care what other people think their own lives are about nor what they believe in, or don't believe in, until, or unless, they decide they are going to take over MY life, or MY mind, and do MY thinking FOR me, whether I like it or not.
You can believe your life is being run by a giant marshmallow sitting in a tree in the back yard if you like. I don't have a problem with that. It will BECOME my problem though, and one for you too, when you try to get me to bow down to the Michelin Man as the God of the Marshmallow People or try to get me to agree I committed a crime by putting a marshmallow in my hot chocolate and that I should get locked up tranquilized for my failure to agree that I am a Marshmallow torturer who needs to be  “fixed”' in accordance with the beliefs of the Marshmallow Priesthood.
Can you see the difference between disagreeing as equals and the abuse of power from those who cast themselves in the role of my superiors?
Psychiatric Logic[1]
Psychiatrists tell us that when they are thinking like psychiatrists, the never accept anything the patient says at face value. [2] Therefore psychiatrists must look for the hidden meaning in all we say.
Psychiatrists also tell us that if we find ourselves looking for hidden meaning it means we are psychotic and in need of an anti psychotic medication.[3]  I'm confused.[4] 
Either psychiatrists are contradicting themselves and they KNOW it...
they are contradicting themselves and they DON'T know it, so they must need an anti psychotic...
they live by a double standard and KNOW that but don't really care
they live by a double standard and DON'T know it and would care if it was pointed out to them.
So...psychiatrists...which one is it in your expert opinions? Will you need to get a committee together to figure it out and then debate the pros and cons of answering  the question before, or IF, you ever decide to acknowledge that anyone has even asked?
Should we get a really BIG A.C.T. team together, well armed with depot injections, locked and loaded, ready to get you the help you obviously need and should want, delivered to you in the comfort and convenience of your own homes? Or should we call the police to let them know they need to charge up those tasers as your symptoms of resistance and denial are kicking in, before coming to drive you, hats in hand, to the quiet room where no one in the waiting room has to put up with listening to your loud protests claiming that you are really not sick and don't need to be there?[5]

[1]    Giggle giggle
[2]    It must be a lot of work to find the hidden meaning in EVERYTHING huh?
[3]    Enough tranquilizer to stop a charging rhino
[4]    Naturally since I “have” an “illness” that causes confusion and has nothing to do with real life or other people..
[5]    You mentally ill people all claim you aren't sick don't you? That is how we all know that you are sick. Because in psychiatry, there is no such thing as a person who is saying there are not sick because they are not is important that you all understand the psychiatric tautologies.

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