Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Communities Acting Out

This is Reality; not "delusions"

You see, my genetic masters, when you are an officially proclaimed genetic defective as you proclaimed me to be, for others, including my employer, those to whom you have proclaimed it, “confidentially” and all of those to whom they have passed the news along, (con-fidentially) and all of those they informed, in turn, “con-fidentially” in the group chain reaction, feel free to talk about me, and all they have been told by experts, right in my presence, like I am not really there.
That is because they all KNOW that genetic defectives such as myself are all too stupid and/or crazy, to know, or to understand, what they, who are “normal,” are all talking about anyway. They often even say that too, right in my presence like I am not really there.
For everyone knows that you talk ABOUT diseases and never TO them. The “normal” people here are just very glad that THEY aren't defective like me and it just makes them feel so much better about acting it out. For now, they can assure themselves that they are not “the people” doing the talking ABOUT people who only “think” incorrectly,1 that “people” are talking about them, like they aren't really there.
There is a term for this you know. It is called a “self serving tautology” which is an argument designed to promote itself no matter what logic, or evidence, may be presented to disprove it. This is how all dysfunctional groups maintain dysfunction as a “norm.” Personalities always trump principles in dysfunctional relating.
One cannot call the Fuhrer crazy, because the truly crazy man IS the Fuhrer, who is holding all the concrete power, and the Fuhrer does not tolerate being called crazy, and will kill anyone, or otherwise dominate and totally control, anyone, who even suggests that there is something not right with the Fuhrer.
That is how controllers, CONTROL.
Did you not know that already? Well just so you don't have to think I made this all up myself, pick up a history book and look for the pattern in an endless list of historical domination and control freaks, bent on, and frequently succeeding at, taking CONTROL of entire populations, using all the same manipulative techniques and the “superior/inferior” splitting of reality, which is created to have their agenda of domination enabled and supported, by those who are just so glad that they, are not LIKE “THEM,” who are now being brought under control.

1 due to being diseases, and not like regular normal humans, like them...

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