Monday, January 21, 2013

Why Free Speech?

By Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic

In our countries, like the U.S. and Canada, we started over when we colonized the “New World” with a set of principles which included the right to free speech.
I don't believe this was intended to give me, or anyone else, the right to walk up to a stranger and to feel “free” to curse or threaten him or her. Those who try to use the right to free speech to justify verbal abuse are just full of crap. They also tend to be the SAME people who would not tolerate being treated the same way that they feel “free” to treat others. That of course is just my own opinion; speaking freely as an equal from one of the countries that promotes equality as part of our national identity.
Our countries included “free speech” in part because previous experiences taught us that when we are told by “authoritarian” leaders that we are not to speak about certain things or object, even verbally,  to the dictates of “'authority” whomever may identify as the “authority” of the day, life can often go very badly for everyone; starting with those who dare to disagree or oppose, any regime that becomes oppressive and abuses “authority.” This of course, has happened quite a lot on the planet from which I come. Power, for power's sake, seems to be quite addictive to a lot of people here.
So we have produced a lot of aphorisms regarding it like, “power tends to corrupt and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely.”
This is another way of saying that we tend to trap ourselves inside very destructive closed systems, and often this is because there is a smiling face, luring us inside of something, that sounds good, but which really isn't good for anyone. Often we only find this out after it is too late, as we all tend to look for reason and logic as the normal thing, since assuming everything, and everyone, to be irrational, and hiding the truth from us, would mean we really would have to be paranoid.
So most people give others the benefit of their doubt, and people with no conscience, or sense of right and wrong, and who operate with hidden agendas of domination, know that and use it to their own personal advantage.
That is WHY we need the right to free speech; so that we are not PREVENTED from exposing this truth, that must be exposed, in order to save people from the same kind of horrifying experiences. Those of us who have lived through them, and lived to tell about them, can share with others who have yet to experience them, and who may be able to AVOID them, and even stop the repeating of them,  IF we speak openly about it.
So we need the right to free speech on the conceptual level because opposing viewpoints are necessary to help prevent authoritarian takeovers. Free speech is a big part of questioning everything, and every system, so that we don't get trapped in escape proof messes created by those playing superior/inferior, them and us, domination and submission, psychos-spiritual “games.” In such games everyone, including those in control of the games themselves, LOSES at life, and all may come to know this is so, only AFTER it is too late to prevent the outcome.

People who get psychiatrically labelled, especially those labelled “schizophrenic” or some version thereof, are often described as “people who think they are Jesus, or like Jesus.”
Who was Jesus? Whether or not you believe that this was the “son of God” or the Saviour or the Messiah coming to save us from ourselves, or from the devil,  is not the point I am making here. The point I am making is this one: Jesus ben Joseph was said to be someone who opposed the authority of his time, spoke truths they did not like, and did not want to hear, threatened the power of that “authority” which those in authority wanted to suppress and was someone who was ultimately “sacrificed for the errors of others.” they could not be blamed for anything?
This is most often about the “Family Romance.” “Authority,” often an authority that is really quite petty, is nevertheless understood to be like the surrogate parents; parents in the abstract who always, and ONLY, want whatever is “best” for their children and THEY will decide FOR their “children” exactly what that is going to be.
In the Romance of course, there is no such thing as an abusive parent of any degree and the “children” never really grow up and become equals with the parents, or God forbid, learn to understand MORE than the parents do, because to think that is even possible would be to ruin the romance.
I suggest that we are STILL sacrificing the lives of many people, in one way or another, for telling us truths we don't like, and don't want to hear, so that those perpetuating the rites of human sacrifice cannot be held responsible to what they, in fact, do,  and for which they wish to avoid responsibility.
What seems “crazy” and meaningless to some, rings very true and meaningful to some “others.”
It very often IS a “matter of your perspective on It” and “it” can turn out to be a goose stepping, totally controlling monster of a machine if we decide to let It go. History has shown us, over and over again, that we can't talk to a machine.
Total controllers are teaching us a lesson. Total controllers are teaching us a lesson. When will we learn the lesson well enough to put a stop to the controllers who are showing us the reality that we don't want to see, and DO Something About It?

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