Monday, January 21, 2013

Escape Proofed Systems of Domination and Control

By Patricia Lefave, monophrenic

If you are “chosen” for the domination and control of others, anything you say suggesting there is something wrong with the dysfunctional system itself, a system which is focused on power and control, and all of the manipulations used to achieve that, will be sited BY the dysfunctional system as “proof” that there is something wrong with YOU for suggesting that there is something wrong with the dysfunctional system.
Dysfunctional systems are, by design, closed systems which defend themselves as the top priority.
That's what MAKES them dysfunctional.
No faults can be found in dysfunctional systems because dysfunctional systems declare “fault finding” to be a character flaw in those who FIND the faults in the dysfunctional system.
There is no real discernment “allowed” in dysfunctional systems which tend to be autocratic. The only fault that CAN be found, will be the fault found in YOU for finding any fault in the dysfunctional system or those members of the dysfunctional system who support and sustain it.
So, if we want to being down those “walls” we are going to have to make like Joshua and keep circling the perimeter of the dysfunctional fortress until eventually and finally, the pressure from our feet following that well worn path, round and round, over and over again, will destabilize the foundation and those walls will come crashing down.

Paradoxically Superior

The truly superior person knows that to perceive oneself as either superior or inferior in inherent worth is the BASIS of all delusional thought. Only equality of being “cures” madness; the madness of those labelled as “mad” as well as the madness of those who never GET labelled as “mad” because they just KNOW, in their madness, that THEY are inherently superior to those “others.”
In the greater reality which trumps all of its parts and subsets, and all of time as well, there IS NO “OTHER”- there is only US. We are one AND we are many.
Thought we can't see where we are going, we can see where we have been. If we look back FAR enough, we can see HOW we got to be the way we are and, once we see It, we can stop the “game” and change our collective future into ONE in which everybody wins.
To do this, we must transcend the paradox in which we have trapped ourselves.

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Anonymous said...

thank you for this! i have just written a piece on my life, tainted by the bloody mad box of psychiatry. after typing twelve pages, my hand is in a splint ....i have a wasting condition now and urgency in saying how it was and continues, is at the sorce of my tapping, you say it so well, i thank you too.