Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Contest

February 2013

Did you know that right now there is a contest being held for psychiatrists?[1]
One of my maverick, medical professional connections tells me that there is a prize being offered of “real gold”[2] for the psychiatrist who can “diagnose” (label patients) the FASTEST.[3]  This is no joke either.
So, if you are someone who gets labelled in seven minutes, as opposed to the rather lengthy 11 minutes taken to label me D.D.(P), don't be too shocked by it, as YOUR doctor may be one of the contestants.
This reminds me of a Seinfeld episode. 
Except in THIS contest, instead of the prize going to the one who shows the most self restraint and lasts the longest, it goes to the one who gives IN to the urge to give up all self control, the fastest, and to project the need to control outward and to control that insignificant, less than human, other instead! So it is which one can pull a diagnosis off the quickest who “wins” this particular contest. Maybe someone should tell the objective observers that “quick” and “good” don't always mean the same thing. 
Those of you yet to be labelled have something to look forward to as you might be one of those who gets to brag to the psychiatrized others, “My evaluation and labelling process only took 2 minutes because my psychiatrist won a contest!” 
Now, those of you who are reading this may well be saying to yourselves, well what's the big deal anyway? It is not at all unusual for people to get involved in idiotic contests. You are right about that of course and I agree with that statement. The big deal though is that THESE people, are also the people, who are defining, “normal, mentally healthy, rational and acceptable” for everyone else and who have obtained the LEGAL right to impose their own definitions on anyone they like and to do so at top SPEED. Those who disagree with them as “experts” can have their objections to it pathologized right out of existence. 
If this doesn't scare the hell out of you, it should, and if you see the complaints as part of the pathology of those who complain about it, then I suggest to you that you are defining yourself as exceptional and believe that it can't happen to YOU personally since you are not sick. This belief in being “exceptional” is a form of psychological “safety” created by “knowing” you aren't sick like “them.” 
Do try to remember that according to those in this labelling contest, believing you aren't sick is one of the signs that you ARE sick. You had better be careful that you don't make any remarks like that to the contest winner or even the runners-up. I do hope they publish the name of the “winner” so that anyone feeling emotional/psychological  distress who is anywhere near that one is forewarned and has an emergency survival kit packed and ready togo well before the first evaluation visit to the champion diagnostician ever occurs. 
I wonder how long it is going to be until I get referred to as a “useless eater” or one who would be “better off dead” anyway? 
Of course, something like that could never happen here....could it? 
Check out Link below

 Speed Diagnosing Contest 

I do have a couple of questions on this which I will address to the experts:
What are the psychological manipulations being used to get psychiatrists to enter this speed dating...uh I mean... speed diagnosing contest, why are they effective, what is motivating participation, or... is it already pretty apparent in the “prize” being offered as a reward for the complete objectification of the “subjects” who are being used to gain such rewards, for DOING just that? I have the strange sense, as I hear about this that I am hearing/watching an experiment similar to the ones behaviourists use on lab rats.
Of course, I am just a whack job so, what would I know?

[1]    I want to make sure my ex psychiatrists don't miss an opportunity to compete in this one
[2]    As opposed to say stock in RIM or Apple which may make the contest less desirable.
[3]    At least two of my own assessors have a really good chance of winning this one....yah!

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