Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Escape from Paradox

By Patricia Lefave

When we create paradoxes from which no escape is possible for as long as we are participants INSIDE them, the ONLY way we will ever escape is to fully understand that there IS a paradox, inside of which we are trapped, and to know that the paradox ITSELF is the problem which we have created. That means we must learn how to transcend paradox and then look at it from OUTSIDE of It.

There is no “them and us.” That is an illusion we have created so that we can make ourselves FEEL better by comparison to someone who is inherently inferior to “us.” “Us” of course, is whichever group the individual identifies with at the time. As soon as we all become fully aware that we are ALL “us” and all “them” we won't have anyone to compare to and we fear that, as it might mean we will not know if we are the winners or the losers in the game of life. We must understand how to transcend that by knowing that either EVERYONE is on the road to the Big “win,” and being the “winners” or we are all losing together.

There is NO CONTEST. The contest is an illusion. 

One of the most common human delusions that never gets identified as such is that of one who understands less than those s/he “tests” and evaluates and yet believes s/he is a higher consciousness and then based on that faulty premise thinks and acts out in relation to that self (unidentified) delusion, while convincing him/herself that s/he is not seen, heard, or understood by a “lesser” mind. Those on the receiving end of that have plenty of trouble trying to make sense of things. Of course, the deluded “superior”  one never knows why, other than that the “other” one is “proving” to him/her how right s/he is, for casting him or her into the role of inferior one. There is the start and the finish of the paradox created by splitters. The premise and the goal rest on the same point and create an infinite loop.

Motivation? Self- serving narcissistic omnipotence.

People who relate as different, yet equal as humans, can make no sense of that and that is actually a GOOD thing since “sense” has nothing to do with It at all.

The only escape from the paradoxical trap is to SEE the paradoxical trap for exactly what it it.

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