Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How Does This Sound to You?

These domination types!...always whining, bitching and complaining and blaming their targeted “inferiors” for “making” them act aggressively toward them by “presenting themselves as victims” who NEED to be dominated and controlled by “superior” human beings like the aggressors....

Does it sound odd, unusual, different and almost unheard of when phrased in this way?

If so, ask yourself WHY? Could it be because we are all so well programmed to blame victims and EXCUSE the aggressors?

One other question on this:

Is there a grey area in this? If you think there is, define it for yourself and discuss it with others.

I will give you a hint on where to start looking. Forensics cops can tell you that most serious abusers, like serial killers, were also abused themselves.  Think tautology and  couple that with the switch and repeat pattern of dysfunction in which the “choices' offered are often those of being EITHER the abuser, OR the abused, and which get defined as “strength and weakness,” rather than two sides of the same mutually destructive problem.

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