Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fooling “Inferiors” or Fooling Yourself?

Or is That Really the SAME Thing?
Are you someone who fools your “inferiors” by smiling sweetly at them to their face, saying “hello” and asking after their well being, while also making denigrating remarks and attending vicious gossip sessions ABOUT them, along with others who think just like you, and therefore AGREE with you?
Well the differences in perceptions go something like this:
If the ones you are casting in the roles of your “inferiors” see only what you intend them to see and not what you don't, then that means you are truly fooling them as those do who successfully fool their inferiors.
On the other hand, if the ones you are casting in the role of your inferiors see BOTH what you show them to their faces AND what you believe you have hidden from them, which you in fact, do not, then they must either be your equals seeing and hearing the same things that you do, or in some cases perhaps, they are actually YOUR superiors in understanding and able to see and hear what you are incapable of seeing and hearing. That would be why they look at you as if confused or puzzled. They are trying to figure out what the grinning idiots before them “think' they are doing.
So either you who behave this way as Splitters are fooling those inferior others and proving your superiority to yourselves or else, you are actually fooling yourselves into believing that you are superior to those others when in fact you are just incredibly arrogant idiots. By the way...another term for fooling yourself is self “delusion.”
Now why don't you think about your own stinking thinking and your own behaviour, including the group-think bit that supports and sustains group delusion, and see if you can determine the actual reality into which you fit best as an individual?
One other thing. If it should turn out that scenario number 2 is actually reality, then see if you can figure out WHY those you treat as your inferiors, being “fooled” by you aren't very friendly toward you. Perhaps you could get together with the other superior people, debate it for a bit amongst yourselves and see if you can come up with a group consensus style answer.
The difference is that of understanding that what I see and hear is REALITY and not delusion and that what you fail to see and hear is born out of common delusion and is not reality at all. Now if that statement offends you, just do the most common thing and declare ME to be arrogant for thinking that I can understand something that the majority agrees is not real.
THIS is what it is like to be on the receiving end of the classic bait and switch con which no one can see, other than the victim and his or her antagonist. The reason it works so well is because the MAJORITY do not see it, since they all look for reason (Logic) where there is no reason in the first place- in the “mystified” antagonist perceived as the ”falsely” accused.

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