Monday, March 11, 2013

Levels of Awareness

By Patricia Lefave

Level 1: being the one who feels “superior” for co-operating with a leader's agenda and really appreciating the validation of the one who tells you so and praises you for your willingness to follow instructions without questioning authority.

Level 2: being someone who knows how it is done and who has seen “studies' which show that you can get people to co-operate willingly with your agenda if you suggest to them that they are superior human beings for doing so and that their co-operation is most appreciated.

Level 3: being the one who sees and understands the manipulations and the covert agenda of those who suggest to others that they will have a superior status and gain rewards, which the manipulators use as the means of getting others to co-operate with their agendas of domination and control and who threaten, in some way, consciously or unconsciously to EXPOSE that reality to others.

The majority are Level 1's always looking for validation from the surrogate parents in life.
Level 2's and 3's understand each other better.
Level 1's aren't a problem for the level 2's. Only the Level 3's are a problem for the Level 2's. Unfortunately, the Level 3's being Level 3's often don't see why relating openly and directly as equals would be a problem for the Level 2's since the Level 2's belief, or act, that they are somehow “hidden” in plain sight, makes no sense at all to Level 3's, who often ASSUME the Level 2's must be joking or else are just “pretending” to be stupid.
In reality, the level 2's are pretending to be superiors who know everything and don't want level 3's messing up their con game by exposing it openly to the targets they already have under control.

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