Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Object-Subject Changes in Meaning

By Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic
Here's a little exercise in awareness for all of you reductionists. With the exception of telling you HOW to do it, this one is self directed.
First of course, we will have to know what the metaphors are all about so study them first- Brave New World, 1984, Alice in Wonderland, Ground Hog Day, the Truman Show, and, of course, the Matrix. (take the blue pill)
Now let's watch the no doubt, well meaning Joel Gold, find a new “disease” and convince others via his expertise as an “authority” figure that his “interpretation” of reality is amazing. He sure can “read” us “defectives” can't he? He does so of course by expanding on what he has already been TAUGHT to accept by previous “authorities,” who are passing it all along and then building on it, generation after generation, of similar, experts like for example Sigmund, who , for example, KNEW that women who said they had been sexually assaulted, sometimes in childhood, by adults, often by those they knew, some family members, were really just projecting their OWN hidden perversions.
(see how that works?)
That is just what YOU wanted to happen! Sigmund cried at them with his “I've got you now”, unquestioned power and control over them.
Does that kinda remind you of what abusers tell their own victims?
This would not be happening if YOU weren't making me do it or “taking a victim stance” and bringing it all down on yourselves?
In regular circles of non experts this is known as victim- blaming and believe me, the true sociopaths just LOVE the general co-operation with that.
Many of Joel's patients over whom he holds unquestioned power and control have told him in their sessions with him that the feel like they are in The Truman Show or “trapped in the Matrix.” Joel of course then “interprets” this, from his position, over them as objective observer of the subjects, to mean something like;
a. “They actually believe they are in a movie.” (Matrix Disorder?)
b. It must be awful to HAVE a “disease” that causes you to believe that you are in a manufactured reality, that is not real, and that you can't get out of, no matter how hard you try.
(The theme of the Matrix)
Statement “b.” is a nexus statement. As it might be described in some other systems of power and control, a nexus statement is one that is TRUE to both parties but the “interpretation” of the statement, as connected to concrete details (context) is very different and therefore SPLIT off from each other, from opposing VIEWPOINTS.
It is about metaphors used to tell the other, who cannot hear plain, straight forward language, what it FEELS like to be trapped with him, in the situation that he is in, while being TOLD what his reality IS, by an authority figure who holds concrete power over him and who cannot hear a word he says about it, no matter how many times, or how many WAYS, he tries to penetrate the observer's “interpretations.”
The difference is like that of a psychiatrist who sees himself as an objective observer of a “subject” and that of one who sees himself as a subjective participant in a relationship “with”, not “about an equal human being. (who may well HAVE more problems in life than just his relationship with Joel. Still Joel is now another problem ADDED.)
In the first case, Joel will make his subject “fit” into his pre-fab beliefs and will do so as an abstraction in absolute terms.
In the second scenario Joel will actually LISTEN to is patient’s problems, accept them as reality and try to help him work out a way to get past them.
The biggest difference between these two humans is that ONE of them has the unquestioned power and control over the other one who has no power at all to either stop him or escape the situation he is in with him.
So the one with all the power can dictate to the other the very definition of reality itself and the other is powerless to change that....just LIKE in the Sci-Fi movie, The Matrix, in which the patient feels trapped with no way out.
The guys in the suits, who all look and sound the same, are dictating the nature of his reality to him and there is nothing he can do about it. That is a current metaphor.
Psychiatric patients in the fifties called it like being trapped in the sci-fi novel Brave New World, which Ewen Cameron, M.D. at the Allen Memorial, was reading when he was experimenting with psychiatric patients there, who were in his “care,” while he was working with the CIA. His colleagues at the time recognized the similarity to the book he was reading. His colleagues of course, didn't get labelled crazy for that since they weren't “the subjects.” At least they weren't, as far as they KNEW.
George Orwell, who knew Cameron wrote 1984 after that. So does it seem like all the much of a surprise that the people HAVING this experience should recognize it conceptually in these two books? It doesn't to me.
Believing you are inherently “'superior” as human beings holds a lot of appeal to a lot of people because this false belief makes people FEEL better about themselves. This is why Adolph Hitler and a whole host of other dictators, with hidden agendas of domination, used it and continue to use it as a primary means of gaining control of populations. It allows them to gain the support of a whole lot of otherwise “normal' people who are blind to it and who don't see the true agenda behind it until AFTER it is already too late. The seeds of war are first planted in the minds of those who will help to cause it to happen.

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