Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spot the Delusion

Think of this as like a game show.
It will be as much fun as listening to many of my critics predicting my future for others.
Do you like experiments on people?  Well THIS time YOU get to be the “people” ah...I mean “subjects”[1] of course.
After you watch the Milgram Experiment take it a little bit further. I want you to imagine that the person on the receiving end  of the shocks goes and tells a family member that this is what happened and that a huge group of supposedly “normal” people were WILLING to push a button that they were told would shock him or her to the point of death and that they were willing to do so for no other reason than that  an authority figure ordered them, quite gently, to do so. 
What do you think the reactions and judgements of those “outsiders” would likely be to the shock target's “story”? [2]  How fast do you think he would get a diagnosis and what would it be?
You see, when you are superior and experiment on inferiors, you don't see the experience of the experimented upon as relevant to your theories and that is because of the reductionism that justifies the experiment. When you can't see someone who is SEEING YOU, then YOU are the one with the perception problems.
Clearly Divided
The dysfunctional “normal” like to divide themselves up into basically two distinctive, yet enmeshed, groups.
There is the group that is endlessly complaining that they have been harmed by others and who “claim” they can't get their complaints heard, or taken seriously, and then there are the “others,” who are endlessly complaining that those “defective others,” whom they have had locked up, FOR endlessly complaining that those who have had them locked up, are the ones who have harmed them and that they are not heard, no matter what they say or how many ways they say it.
Now everyone knows that those who complain endlessly about the complaining of those “others” who have harmed them, are only complaining about people who are actually trying to HELP them, but those they are helping, are all just too stupid or crazy to recognize that being locked up and controlled for life IS help and is not harm. This is, of course, a perception problem that the ones being locked up are experiencing.
It would be different of course if those doing the locking up were the ones BEING locked up, because they aren't sick like those being locked up, who only claim they are not sick of course, because claiming you aren't really sick is one of the symptoms of being sick...well unless you are one of the people doing the locking up who is claiming your not sick, which is different because of WHO you are; not WHAT you are. It is very important you see, to understand all these extremely subtle distinctions,  which those who are being locked up won't be able to do, because they are the sick ones, with no insight into their own conditions, and not experts in these subtleties like those who are locking them up.
Oh, those inherently defective “others”... if only THEY could be more like US.'
(which “side” do you think I am on in the above description of the problem? Are you having trouble making sense of it? Careful! Don't say that out loud near anyone on psychiatric hospital staff now! They all know signs and symbols of mental illness when they see them and hear them!)
It's about your “distinctions,” which are based on ambiguous abstractions, apart from concrete detail or evidence. You know? Much like the writers of the DSM[3] do it.

[1]   We gotta keep that reductionism going so we don't get too much empathy and ruin our experiments now don't we? Repeat after me...them or us, them or us....that's it distance people emotional psychological distancing so we can excuse doing to others what we not not tolerate having done to “us.'
[2]   Are you visualizing the eye rolling contempt and the ridicule?
[3]   Delusional Suggestions for Madness

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