Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Two Sides of the Same Experience

(Not Two DIFFERENT Experiences)

By Patricia Lefave

There she is. (the others turn to look)
Sometimes she speaks to people and sometimes she doesn't.

Thinks to Self: (as not allowed to confront anyone)
There is the duplicitous wonder behind the service desk again. Sometimes she talks about me in the third person like I am not really here. Sometimes she doesn't. I wonder is she thinks I can see her and hear her from five feet away THIS time or is this is one of the times she thinks she is “hidden.”

Never, of course, does the duplicitous actress behind the service desk make the connection between how SHE behaves and how the one she is observing and assessing reacts, for she would have to become self aware to see that ans Splitters don't do that because Reality Splitters can never be blamed for anything they say or do by those to whom they say it and do it.
Real Understanding and facing reality is not the goal. Avoiding it is the goal.

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