Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I Really Want My Readers to Take a Look

...At this Comment  I Got Yesterday on this older post from March 2010.
I get quite a few of these but I don't post most of them as they are all from the terribly "sane" people who want me to get controlled.
Still this one seems so typical of those who want to control the 'defectives' such as myself that I wanted to have a second look at it. In fact, I am moved to answer this one as a special post which will appear here soon... and thank you Kelsey Benson, complete stranger to me who is nevertheless quite certain about what I need and what my own experience is and where I have gone "wrong" in terms of an ambiguous abstraction of course...
and why I need to be controlled. She has taken courses in psychology you  see and so I must be the naughty disordered child for blaming the blameless "others"....that is why I need to stop this blogging and get saved by the psychiatric faith....

How Do We Define Sanity and Insanity?

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