Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dysfunctional Superior Splitters-Why?

The psychiatrist who labelled me in 11 cost effective minutes tried to point out my “delusion” to me by asking, “But WHY would they DO such a thing? Do you not see? He/they would have NO REASON to do so.”
Here's your reason:
They do it for the emotional payoff they get from doing it which is two-fold.
A. They get to FEEL better about themselves by looking down on those they define as “less than” and who 'deserve” it.
B. They get a form of bonding/belonging from their agreement with the dysfunctional group of people who think and act out just like them. This makes their thinking and behaviour “normal.” (Common, a consensus reality) Since it does, then they can thank God, the universe, evolution, their genes, etc. that they aren't a nut, defective, or an inferior human being etc., like him/her/them.
THAT'S the reason. And there is no reason (logic) in It.
The dysfunctional superior splitters HAVE to talk both “us” and themselves out of knowing we can see them and hear them acting it all out, see and hear their contemptuous mocking and ridiculing etc. from a few feet away. They HAVE to keep themselves convinced that their group behaviour isn't “really” abuse or harm, because that is HOW they justify it and that is how they keep themselves deluded that they are all “hidden” in plain sight.

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