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“Correcting the Labelled People Who Deny They are “Sick”

Thank you Kelsey Benson, past or present psych student, for posting your comments and demonstrating for my readers what I am talking about. To perceive people like me who dare to suggest we are not sick, in the medical sense, and even go so FAR as to suggest that wellness is possible despite all the DENIAL of that by bio psych!

Some of the local ones like to act out on the streets where I live and express many of the same sentiments as you since they also are taking courses telling them how people who say such things should be perceived. I want to especially thank you for clearly stating that you don't know me BUT, you are very sure that I am “IN DENIAL.” (psychology 101?)

It is just this kind of certainty and evaluation that I write about and I write about it because people who have not experienced this or been labelled for it, DENY that total strangers like you would then behave this way toward someone they don't really know BECAUSE that person received a label invalidating their perspective in such a complete and generalized way, that total strangers “correct” us and then direct us to the nearest psychiatrist to help us accept our “condition.”

I find it ever so interesting that you believe that having a blog “proves” a “personality disorder” to you and that you seem to think my sole purpose is to convince the public that I am not insane. By “the public” I am going to assume you mean people like you?

Actually I don't really care what you, or other strangers to me think; although no doubt that too will “prove” to be another of my “symptoms.” Once labelled EVERYTHING is a “symptom” to those who feel they are in much better shape than those total strangers they advise to get “help.” This previous statement of mine is one of the reasons I started this blog.

You will be pleased to learn that this blog is old and although I still post to it occasionally I have moved into even bigger and better outlets, actually have a website and also belong to many groups of “disordered” people “in denial” just like me, who think more like I do and many of them are actually mental health pros. Some of them right now are teaching in universities in various parts of the world. How wild and crazy is that? Go figure huh? Perhaps I can tell you where to find them too so you can send them all messages about how they are all “IN DENIAL” and should stop fighting against bio psych and GET SOME HELP for themselves! Or perhaps you already know some of them as I see you are in Massachusetts where many also live who are “resistant” to the medical administrations of bio psych. Hmmmm.

Do you know where I see the “denial”? In you. You deny that you are evaluating the lives and experiences of complete strangers and that there is anything wrong with that. I also hear you projecting your own mental1 problems and acting out on a surrogate. That would be ME being compared to your ex husband. I don't “represent” you ex husband. I am also a woman by the way. I find it interesting that you offered me a paired “choice” of either “trying to convince the public that I am not insane OR getting help.” Thanks for the choices but I am not very interested in either one as I am not going to define myself the way others want me to. I'm sure that upsets you. Tough. Perhaps if you can't handle the emotion of it you could go for some psychotherapy to help you vent safely.

I got a question or two for you Kelsey: does anyone ever actually do anything, to someone, designed to deliberately cause harm? If so, do people who are harmed by others “deserve” what they get? If your answer is “NO” are you from this planet?

If your answer is “yes” do you know who is whom, and HOW do you know that and especially how do you know who is whom amongst perfect strangers? Are you psychic?

Is that a kind of safety delusion you have there? YOU can't get harmed by “others” or get labelled as a “disorder” because you don't do anything to “deserve” it?

(Some people call that “Pie in the Sky”) That is also a delusional belief a lot of people have because it gives them a false sense of safety and is sometimes referred to as the “Just World” delusion.

If you actually believe that no one can be drugged against their will and incarcerated as well, unless they have committed a “heinous act” then you are living in a fantasy world. If you try to make people fit into your “heinous acts fantasy” world as the justification for forced drugging, and incarceration, you have it backwards and you do this to justify your own point of view about someone you don't even know. So that is denial Kelsey. Ironic huh?

I also enjoyed your justification for the “secrets” of the DSM. Isn't it interesting that most people can't connect patients saying they are dealing with people who act like the CIA and the “covert operators” running the system are always acting like that can't see any connection or meaning in it that INCLUDES them?

Somehow I think I am going to be the “sick one” no matter what is true, or what I think, or don't think, which you have covered quite nicely in your comments. I can't help but wonder what your ex husband's version of events might be. Not that I would necessarily accept that but then I don't necessarily accept yours either, psych courses or not. The point I need to make here is that I did not live with you and your husband so I really don't KNOW what went on between you and which of you is the most disturbed. That's why I don't go to your face book page and try to get you the “help” I decide a stranger to me really NEEDS.

I found your face book page, and I must say, I found it very surreal in that you seem to be “correcting” others who try to tell their own story, while ALSO doing the same thing yourself. Should I suggest you get off the net, stop doing those stupid updates and trying to convince the public you are innocent, have been wronged, and to go get some therapy!! Or would that be “different” when it runs in the other direction?

Let's all visit my critic here and see how she perceives her own life shall we?
This is Kelsey Benson generously Helping the World by Correcting Me.
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The assumption that “families” are ALL loving wonderful people who would never harm the labelled one, knowingly or unknowingly, is frankly bizarre. This is not the real world which anyone can see by picking up a newspaper. To suggest that either caring or not caring what other people think, without defining those thoughts and ideas specifically makes one even “sicker,” is more of the usual abstract concepts presented as the all inclusive, one size fits all, DSM style version of truth which is of course, a load of crap, similar to predicting life and reality for others by using horoscopes or going to the psychic fair. It has no real SUBSTANCE. They are theories with limited usefulness and which, when proved WRONG need to be abandoned. Mental illness has BECOME a huge problem in large part because real problems of life and relationship do not get identified let alone dealt with. Instead, they get labelled as “real diseases” and treated as if they were a disease instead of a psycho-spiritual problem. So we suppress them with tranquilizers or feed the complainers happy pills and IGNORE the reality which produces them and keeps them going.

My continued blogging, website and activism, IS about the solution and not the ignoring of “a disease” that doesn't exist but which someone like you tells me I MUST have.

Your quoting of Einstein applies just as easily to the bio psychiatrists and to all those who keep insisting we must see this as a disease process as it does to all of us who keep trying to penetrate the resistance to hearing. Einstein also said something else, “am I crazy or is it everyone else?”

if a psychiatrized person said that, I think that you would automatically assume it was the one who asked the question. Yet if it is Einstein asking, would the answer be the same? Or would it depend more on who you thought the person was in terms of status than what he or she was actually saying?

I agree with you that there is a truth problem here, just not with the source of it.

One last question for you: it is possible for those running the system to lie, cover up truth, exaggerate, understate, take care of their own interests at the expense of others, keep information out of the story to make themselves sound better? Again I ask you, if yes, should we avert out eyes from that? If no, tell me why that is not possible and how you know exactly what is what and who is whom in a situation that has precisely nothing to do with you and which in reality you know nothing about other than what you are yourself PROJECTING into it?


1 And by “mental” I always mean psycho-spiritual and not a real “disease process like diabetes.” I maintain hope for you and do not blame your brain for your current thinking and behaviour.

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